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Redeem your points, reward yourself at is a web site for the credit card holders of Sears MasterCard. Citi Bank and Sears have teamed up to create a credit card which provides you with some rewards every time you use it to buy something. Through these rewards and points you can get many things that are on your wish list, free of cost and hassle free too! Every time you buy something using the Sears MasterCard you earn points; for every dollar you spend you get one point. These points can then be redeemed on where you use these points to buy something from a list of products provided. Moreover, the Sears MasterCard is accepted everywhere where MasterCard is accepted hence it’s easy to use throughout the United States.

Sears have created their web page where you can use your points on your Sears MasterCard and use them to buy something through this online web site. Sears Choice Rewards is an easy way to benefit from those points that you have earn by using the Sears MasterCard to purchase something. The web site is easy, user friendly and provides ease of navigation, so that you can easily look for that perfect purchase you want. You will find a wide array of choices available on the web site from merchandise, accessories, tools, recreational items, garden tools, home items and jewellery, kitchen appliances and so much more. All you need to do is visit to benefit from all of this.

You can also exchange your redeemable points for air travel and get vocational packages! Moreover, if you have any problems related to your Sears MasterCard, you can easily call on our toll free helpline and talk to a company representative waiting to help you round the clock. Moreover, for excellent customer service, the web page has a separate portion for frequently asked questions; FAQ’s, where you can read about problems usually faced by the customer. This page has been provided to solve confusions and answer unasked questions in advance so you do not have to even go through the hassle of calling us. So hurry up and redeem your points today and reward yourself!

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